Hello, Bonjour, Beinvenue. My name is Paul Batterbury (shocking given the name of the website) and I am British photographer that has defected to mainland Europe. I currently live and for the best part work in Basse-Normadie, France just outside a town called Coutance. I have been shooting photography since 2004, but I have only just recently taken the plunge into getting my business set up, however in that time frame I have had, I have worked with a number of photographers, models and agents and even had the odd bit of work published in print.

I hope my website will show you, the type of person I am, and the kind of work I achieve, I that am always trying new things and aiming to start new projects, so keep an eye out on my work, there is new stuff coming and many changes to happen and different styles to still yet try.

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Creative, Quality and Madness

With the “attention to detail” from a career in  military to sitting behind a camera, and a different kind of shooting altogether, photography is a career where you are always learning.

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